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One of our readers came up with a new kind of candy: Fr-ooze Pop.

On the airport of Singapore, where she had to wait for a connecting flight, she wanted to buy something sweet. She bought Fr-ooze Pop because it was advertised all over the place as the ultimate candy experience. Licking it she suddenly realized that she had a dildo in her mouth. The feeling it gave her was a mix of embarrassment and excitement. She took some pictures and sent them to this magazine. And assured us that it was for real and not a joke.

Fr-ooze Pop is currently being marketed directly to children in Singapore via television ads placed on cartoon shows.

The advertisements show young children sucking hungrily on the candy, with the message "squeeze and lick" repeated again and again.

The candy is wildly popular with kids. But not so popular with their horrified parents.


Fr-ooze pop is a hard candy sucker in the shape of a dildo.

When you squeeze the base, sugary goodness oozes out of the hard, rounded tip.

Notice the hole in the center.

Look at the jelly that comes out when squeezed.