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The Post Pigeon

Issue 29 /

 / Relativity Online / Since 1999 / Editor: Anton Kruining

At  Pigeon HQ - Holland

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"Spy Hunt"



Victor Vogelvlucht


Kees Kessel


Pigeon Strip

Pigeon Cartoons

Pigeon T-shirts

Pigeon Jokes

E-mail Humor


Newspapers Online

Weer in Nederland


Pigeon Sex Math

Wish you were a guy?

Remake of Classic Movies

Pigeon Bumper Stickers

Pigeon Raadsel


Fuck-Up Manual

Pigeon Portable PC

Suicide Tattoo

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 Wanna get 

  50,00 ? 



March 13 2002


The editor doesn't smoke anymore...


When you see him smoking, tap on his shoulder and you'll get your money.




Pigeon Sex Mathematics 

Want to know how many times your friend or partner really wants to have sex every week? Use the Pigeon Mathematics. Simply ask a few questions and you'll know.


Wish you were a Guy? 

We hear that many times from women. And it's a fact, if you are a man, life is so much easier. Men know. Are you a woman and wanna know too...?


The CD everybody talks about:



Remake of Classic Movies

You surely know your classics. That is... in the movie field. Now the Pigeon film producers and directors gave them a humorous and actualized content. You are the first to know all about it.


Pigeon Bumper Stickers

Some people are very creative. Not only in the way they drive but in the way they express their opnions on their car. We selected some of the better bumper stickers we saw.


Pigeon Raadsel 

Soms zit je met de handen in het haar. Iets wat logisch lijkt, is het opeens niet meer. Of toch? Weet jij het antwoord op het Pigeon raadsel?


Pigeon NO SMOKING sign

When you don't smoke and you do not like people to smoke in your office, here's something for you. Smile and use it...





Pigeon Email Humor

We get hundreds of emails every month.We like to share some of those emails with you. When you read them you know: humor is just around the corner. Is it your corner? Please let us know. The rest of the world may laugh about it too.


Pigeon's Favorite T-shirts

Everybody wears a T-shirt from time to time. Unless you're so fat that people will think you're a walking party tent. From the streets all over the world we selected the shirts that made us smile.






















Paco's wisecracks...




"If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten." 


Seen on Signs


Tea Company

No coffee breaks. 


Cheese Shop

lf your picture is taken say: cheese!


Manager's Office

If you want to give your opinion: fill out the necessary forms.



We pretend to work.

They pretend to pay. 


Reception Desk


If we throw a stick,

will you leave?




Today's Quote:

"My mother never saw the irony of calling me a son-of-a-bitch."


Jack Nicholson




Suicide Tattoo

There was this guy Hank. He was famous for his tattoos. He did it for many years. Then one day he got sick and tired of his work. then a very big man came in his shop and asked for a beautifull eagle on his back...

So Hank took his needles. And a bottle of booz. People didn't see Hank anymore since that day. Wanna know why?


Pigeon Fuck-Up Manual

Sometimes things go bad. Shit hits the fan. The computer or another device doesn't do what you want it to do. But remember... you have to tell it to your boss. Be sure what action you undertake. This Pigeon Manual tellls you what to do.





Get your Pigeon Portable PC


The same as our staff uses

With all the extra's you ever wanted !






Of this Issue You are Reader:

With many thanks for this issue to:

Marianne, Victor, Kees, Sprinter, Paco,  Hans Otto Zeitz,  Anastacia, Bravenet and many others.

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